Top 3 Outdoor Living Features

Outdoor Living, Louisville, KY Outdoor living areas, when planned, designed, and installed professionally, can transform your outdoors. At Preferred Outdoor Designs, we have the experience and expertise to transform the look and function of your outdoors by designing and installing features to your specifications, needs, and preferences. We specialize in creating different types of features that enhance your property's appeal while adding the desired functionality. So, what are the top outdoor living features that you should consider adding to your home? We have a list of 3 features that you can add to add great value to your lifestyle and property.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens probably have the top position when it comes to outdoor living features. According to a report, 61% of homeowners prefer outdoor kitchens over any other outdoor living feature. When you have guests, an outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare food while still being a part of the conversion. Indoors, friends and family can gather in the living room, while you are left in the kitchen preparing the food alone.

You can select the customized, built-in cooking features including:
  • Countertops
  • Grill
  • Shelving/cupboards
  • Mini-fridge
You could also create a simpler outdoor kitchen with a gas or charcoal grill and a small bar.

Outdoor Fireplaces

While typical fireplaces are rectangular, we can custom build them in any shape and size. You can have your outdoor fireplace built from natural stone, concrete, or brick. Some of the features that can be added to enhance the structure's functionality include:
  • Mantle
  • Wood storage
  • Seating hearth
  • Lighting
Outdoor fire features enable you to extend your outdoor entertaining and living season into the winter months. Besides their practicality, they also offer a space for a lot of fun. Your family and friends can enjoy various activities including:
  • Roast on an open fire
  • Relax by the fire
  • Enjoy backyard camping
It's a fact that everything tastes great when cooked outdoors. Enjoy roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, or kebabs with your friends and family. An outdoor fire feature also offers a great spot for gathering with friends and family and enjoying their company and relaxing.

Patio Enclosures

A patio cover is an excellent outdoor feature to spend time outdoors and entertain guests. You can choose from a wide range of design and material options to transform your outdoor space.

There are many benefits of creating a patio enclosure:
  • Expand Your Entertainment Area: Extend your living space and create more room for playing, working, and spending time outdoors.
  • Protect Your Furnishings: Cover your outdoor furniture, appliances, rugs, and other items from the harsh weather. Keep these items looking fresh and reduce the cost of maintaining them.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: When the patio is covered, your home will stay cooler during the summer as the enclosure will prevent the sunlight from getting through the windows. Thus, the cover will help bring down your energy bills.
Besides, a patio enclosure also adds value to your property. At Preferred Outdoor Designs, we provide comprehensive design and installation services for outdoor living features throughout Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas. If you want to add the perfect features to your outdoors, call us today at 502-245-3997 or write to us.

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