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Outdoor Living Services Louisville, KY Preferred Outdoor Designs, LLC, has the capability and experience to handle all kinds of landscaping projects. We can take care of every aspect of landscape design, installation, and maintenance that every property owner needs expert help on. As a leading contractor in KY, we know what local clients need in their property. We strive to satisfy their project requirements regardless of difficulty and scope to give them the kind of landscape that they desire and deserve. We're the only contractor you need for all your landscape-related concerns. We can provide free project cost estimate to let you know how much your planned landscape features will cost. All you need to do is call us at (502) 245-3997 to inquire about our rates or to learn more about our offered services.


Our company's primary goal is to make sure that all our clients have a positive experience. While creating hardscape designs, our team of specialists will consider the structural design of your home or commercial building. If you want a beautiful and long-lasting feature for your property, we have a team of experts that will do everything possible to make sure you get it. We have a team of experts that are up to date on the latest hardscaping trends. All materials used in constructing hardscapes on your property are chosen because they are low maintenance, lowering your overall landscape ownership costs. In addition, we make use of high-quality materials to provide you with a final product that will last. We're one of the few in the business that can deliver top-tier service at a price that everyone can afford. We are committed to offering our clients' unique hardscapes and our skills and creativity help ensure this. Read More About Hardscaping »


We are a leading company in paver services, serving a diverse clientele of both residential and commercial customers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of our operations, from the initial consultation to the final installation. We take pride in our unique ability to install a wide range of pavers tailored to your needs and design preferences. We execute flawless installations while providing valuable design input. Our team collaborates with you to ensure that your outdoor space transforms into a remarkable, cohesive, and visually appealing environment that aligns perfectly with your vision. We take care of every aspect of your project, from the initial design stages to meticulous installation. Our commitment to using only high-quality paver products ensures stunning aesthetics and long-lasting durability. We understand the importance of timelines. Our dedicated team ensures your outdoor space is ready to enjoy as planned. You can trust in the excellence of our paver services, creating enduring and stunning outdoor spaces that consistently exceed your expectations. Read More About Pavers »

Patio Pavers

We have been building custom patio pavers for owners of commercial and residential properties all over Louisville and nearby Kentucky locations like Prospect, Buckner and Shelbyville. We only use premium pavers from reputable manufacturers and suppliers, including Belgard and Pavestone. At Preferred Outdoor Designs, LLC, we create stylish patios that contain all the amenities that our clients desire. We can add enclosures, lighting, chairs and tables, and other fixtures. When you hire us, we can guarantee you that your new outdoor living space will become a perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Read More About Patio Pavers »

Driveway Pavers

We specialize in custom paver driveway design and construction. Pavers look fantastic, function well, and are made of high-quality materials that require little maintenance. Allow us to help you transform the exterior of your property from plain to gorgeous with our superior hardscaping services. Even though you are aware that pavers driveways are more aesthetically pleasing than a regular concrete driveway, you may be surprised to hear that there are several more aspects to consider. Paving stones are more expensive upfront than asphalt and concrete but provide more value over time. Several paver products are available, including concrete, brick, and natural stone. This breadth of selection enables you to choose something that fits your demands and budget. We are here to help you with your choices, and the team will assist you with everything from paver driveway design to site preparation and installation. We offer high-grade, custom paver driveway solutions at cost-effective pricing. Read More About Driveway Pavers »

Retaining Walls

For many years now, we have been making outdoor areas safer and attractive with the retaining walls that we build. Not only do we make landscapes safer for occupants, we also effectively create new functional spaces out of otherwise barren outdoor spaces. Our company is known for its capability to build extremely tough walls that can withstand soil and water pressure. We use only premium materials such as natural stones and interlocking concrete wall blocks. Your choice of material depends on the style or theme you want to achieve for your walls. We can install various retaining wall types such as gravity, cantilevered, anchored, sheet pile, and bored pile, depending on our client's needs or project requirements. Read More About Retaining Walls »

Outdoor Living Areas

If you are planning a project that will transform your outdoor spaces into livable locations, just call us. We have a long history of creating top-notch outdoor living areas for private residences and businesses. Some of the features that we can build or install are paver patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, pergolas, sitting walls, and garden steps. To ensure that the design of all these elements merges seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your garden and property, we try to understand your tastes and then offer our professional advice. We can achieve your desired theme or appeal or you can just choose from the usual design options like Old World, Mediterranean, Modern, and Zen-inspired. Our team will assist you with selecting materials and will adhere to industry standards during construction to guarantee that you are pleased with the services. Read More About Outdoor Living Areas »

Outdoor Kitchens

Transform your backyard into a functional and aesthetically appealing oasis by adding outdoor structures like a kitchen and a fireplace. These elements enhance your landscape's usability while also increasing your home's value. However, making the right decisions and hiring experts to design and implement these components is essential. At our company, we understand that maintenance, durability, and longevity are crucial considerations when creating outdoor living spaces. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design the perfect outdoor retreat for your backyard using their expertise, knowledge, and extensive resources. From building a patio kitchen with seating and a fireplace to creating a fully functional standalone outdoor kitchen, we offer a range of services to expand your interior living space. We prioritize exceptional service, personalization, and customization to ensure you receive the most value for your investment. Trust us to deliver expertly designed and installed outdoor living areas that exceed your expectations. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens »

Outdoor Fireplaces

We build outdoor fireplaces to help plan extraordinary gathering spaces that ignite your senses and create the perfect entertainment zone. Our designers and installers understand that a fireplace is more than just a functional element; it's the heartbeat of your outdoor oasis, a place where memories are forged, and laughter echoes into the night. We collaborate with you to design a custom outdoor fireplace that seamlessly blends with your unique style and architectural vision. If you crave natural stone's rustic charm or sleek concrete's modern elegance, we execute every detail, transforming raw materials into breathtaking works of art. We can also use stone veneers to uplift the structure’s appeal. We know that a fireplace also needs a complementing surrounding space, so we thoughtfully integrate inviting seating areas, clever storage solutions, and captivating accents to create a truly immersive outdoor experience. The fireplace we construct will soon become the ideal relaxation spot in your backyard. Read More About Outdoor Fireplaces »

Patio Enclosures/Screen Porches

Our custom built patio enclosures and screen porches will make your outdoor stay safer and more comfortable. Among the various enclosures that we can install are three season rooms, screen rooms, four season rooms, solariums, and sunrooms. You may go for fixed enclosures and screens or opt for retractable ones for optimum versatility. We will use only premium materials to build your desired patio enclosure and screen porch, so you can be proud of them and use them for decades. The patios and porches that we install can be fitted with other amenities such as lighting, air conditioning, and wall decorations. This way, they will become more attractive, functional, and comfortable for everyone. Read More About Patio Enclosures/Screen Porches »


Our company is among the most trusted deck builders in the state. We have installed many of these amenities in residential and commercial properties, so we have the skills and tools. Our installers use premium pavers, natural stones, or bricks to build the decks that our clients need for their properties. With us, clients are assured of slip-resistant pool decks so they are guaranteed safe for occupants. Meanwhile, we use hardwood for view decks to make them appear as close to nature as possible. In short, we're the perfect company to tap for deck installation projects as we use top quality materials and ensure excellent workmanship. Read More About Decks »


Our company employs some of the state's top landscaping experts – designers, installers, plant experts, and the like. We can handle all aspects of your outdoor improvement project - from design and installation to performing various maintenance tasks. Our in-house crews can also install all kinds of landscape features including waterscapes, fire features, outdoor living amenities, and plantings. If you need a truly standout property that has all the bells and whistles, then we're the perfect guys to achieve it for you. Some of the landscape themes that we recommend are Japanese-inspired theme, tropical, contemporary, and modern. Our landscape experts will ensure that your new landscaped property will have all the amenities you need. Read More About Landscaping »

Water features

We excel in crafting custom water feature designs and installations, catering seamlessly to residential and commercial clients. Our diverse portfolio encompasses an array of water features, each a testament to our commitment to quality and meticulous installation. Our creations enhance new and existing landscapes, from serene ponds to elegant fountains. Our proficiency extends to perfect planning and execution and contemplating every detail. Focusing on high-quality materials and expert installation techniques, we precisely bring your envisioned water features to life. Whether it's the soothing ambiance of a pond or the captivating allure of a fountain, our services epitomize excellence, transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting havens that align seamlessly with your vision. We are an experienced company, and our creative designers ensure that your water feature is unique, appealing, and robust to last for a long time. We provide a balance of creativity, quality, and affordability so you get perfect value when hiring us. Read More About Water Features »

Design and Build

Our company offers professional landscape services to residential and commercial property owners. We can handle everything from landscape design to installation and we can build all sorts of landscape features and amenities. All our design and build projects are handled by licensed and certified people with lengthy industry experience and unquestionable skills. We can guarantee you exceptional landscape designs and outdoor amenities that are truly awe-inspiring, durable, and functional. For property owners who are worried about paying a fortune for these services should contact us today. We have a client-friendly pricing for all our landscaping services. Read More About Design and Build »

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